My Name is Crowley
A Brief Summary of a Girl Named Crowley

My name is Crowley, I am 18 going on 19. In September of 2013, I will be going to China to volunteer at an orphanage for a year (hopefully).

Plot twist!

I'm adopted from China.

A Longer Summary Because "Brief" Was Only a Hook

I was found in the Anhui Province about five days after I was born. Severely dehydrated, but in every possible way, a healthy little baby. 
My parents adopted me and smuggled me out of China when I was seven months old. And brought me home to live with them, forever loved and cherished. 

I live in America now and have an amazing, arguably mundane, life. Minus the slight emotional damage of being a former orphan. It consists of parents (A mom, a dad and a mom (- who is really a step-mom, just to clarify. No sisterwives here) and it consists of student-ing, doodling and shenanigans-ing. Oh, and being a teenage girl because I can't help it.

Clearly, life is mundane for me. So mundane, that I, despite me resisting as much as possible, am a Twinkie. Yes. A gross, squishy yellow cake filled with cream-that-tastes-like-paint. I don't hate being white on the inside, yellow on the outside. It's my own special culture, even if it is disgusting and apocalypse surviving. But I digress.

I'm traveling to China not only to serve humanity, therefore my soul, but I'm also here to serve something that I've dreamed of my entire life. God knows what the heck it is, but whatever it is, it's here. And I'm coming to get it.  (It's probably a life)

I am here, writing this to hopefully regale some of you. But mainly for my own selfish purposes. If it entertains enough people, I plan to make a book, then a movie and hundreds of not-so-good sequels.